- Hazrat Maulana Shaykh Sayyed Mohammed Talha Qasmi Naqshbandi (DB)

Hazrat Maulana Shaykh Sayyed Mohammed Talha Qasmi Naqshbandi (DB) is the blessed progeny of the Prophet Muhammad SAW of Hazrat Hussain ibn Ali Raziallahuanhu’s descent.

Hazrat DB’s father Hazrat Maulana Nafees Akbar Sahab Rahmathullahi alaih, was the Sabik and renowned Shaikh-ul-Hadith and Shaykh-ut-Tafseer of Jamia Arabia Islamia, in Hathora, Zilla Uttar Pradesh, India.
Hazrat DB memorized The Holy Quran in tandem with completing the 4th year of Alimiyath (Saffe-Rabe) in Jamia Islamia Arabia, Zilla Banda, Hathora during his early childhood under the blessed tutorship of his father Shaykh Nafees Akbar (RAH). Academic eloquence and finesse witnessed newer horizons at Darul-uloom Deoband, where Hazrat DB’s quench for knowledge was nurtured from the fifth year Alimiyath to Daur-e-Hadith.
Hazrat (DB) graduated from Darul-Uloom Deoband in the year 1983 with grades that were unheard in the last decade almost.

Every person has a unique gift from Allah from amongst the many bounties he sheds upon his slaves. Hazrat (DB)’s immaculate, formidable and impeccable ability to converse and communicate in Arabic as if it were his mother tongue qualify him to be a linguist if not more. This simply shows how inclined Hazrat is towards the Arabic language. It is said when inclination and guidance blend, the fruits bear sweetness seldom tasted. The enduring guidance at Darul-Uloom in the form of a specialized course lasting a year post graduation added another feather to Hazrat DBs guided (by Allah) cap in 1984.
Hazrat DBs father in law was also his maternal uncle Maulana Mubeen-ul-Haq Saahab (RA), a Shaykh ul Hadith. Allah has blessed Hazrat DB with five children.
Hazrat (DB)’s formative years as a professional began in 1985 lasting 2 years in Jamia Hussania Randher, teaching Usool-e-Fiqh, Hadees Shariff and Uloom-e-Arabia. The inclination to serve and contribute to deen brought Hazrat (DB) to assist the Grand Mufti of Gujrat Hazrat Maulana Abdur Raheem Saahab (who recognized Hazrat DBs ability extraordinaire) translating his books and fatwas from Urdu to Arabic.

Spiritual Journey

A student’s formative years help define his persona and pave his way in becoming the eventual being. A good sculptor makes raw clay shine, as does a skilled goldsmith polish a jewel to make it divine. This jewel of Allah (Hazrat DB) was identified and trained (had Tarbiyat) under the blessed guidance of Hazrat-e-Aqdas Maulana Qari Siddiq Saahab Bandhawi (RAH) until Shaykh Siddiq (RAH)’s departure to the afterlife. Shaykh Siddiq (RAH)’s departure from the world left a void that always made this guided slave of Allah seek souls to help reach his Creator traversing the path of reformation (Tazkiyah). Like many across the known geographies of the world, Hazrat DBs prayers were answered in the form of being guided to Qutub-e-Alam Mahboob-ul-ulama was Sulaha Hazrat Maulana Peer Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (DB).
In Hazrat DB’s own words “Jaise Allah ne Uthakar Hazrat Peer Sahab ke Paas Bithaya, Mera Ruaan Ruaan Allah ka Shukar Adaa karta hai” (It was as If Allah picked me and guided me to my Shaykh with such ease and convenience for which my gratitude knows no bounds).
Hazrat DB was bestowed with the Ijaza (Khilafa) from Hazrat Maulana Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (DB) in the year 2008. Hazrat (DB) has ever since dedicated his life to guide fellow humans on the path of Tazkiyah. The couplet that suits Hazrat (DB) more amongst many that his pupil love and adore him and thank Allah for this gift are :-

Socha Tere Khayal Mein Ek Ghazal Likhoon
Afsos Tere Mayaar ke Alfaaz Na Mile
(I pondered to write praises for you Alas! Words fail me to describe you)

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